Strategic investments in food and nutrition security

The Global Network's work within this dimension aims to advocate for ‘fit for purpose’ financing that draws on the full range of resource flows (public and private, international and domestic) to better prepare for, prevent and respond to food crises. It seeks to improve coherence between humanitarian, development and peace actions (the HDP ‘nexus’) to build resilience to shocks and promote longer-term self-reliance. Activities include a strong focus on supporting capacity strengthening of country-level actors and institutions, as well as strengthening coordination at the regional level to ensure that investments are focused on the right place, at the right time. 

  • Globally, the Network maps the type and availability of resource flows to strengthen food systems and address food insecurity. This includes highlighting resource gaps and the need for longer-term financing that can address the underlying drivers of food insecurity to reduce humanitarian needs over time. 
  • Regionally, the Network uses the improved global-level tracking of resource flows to support better coordination and coherence between regional frameworks and platforms. This will ensure that investments are focused on the right place, at the right time, and that regional disparities and cross-border issues are adequately considered and incorporated into the anticipation, prevention and response to food crises. 
  • At a national level, the Network builds on activities within the first dimension to support more complementary programming across humanitarian, development and peace (HDP) actors to anticipate, prevent and respond to food crises and to strengthen food systems over the longer term and promote self-reliance. This includes the identification of country-level ‘entry points’ and support for common analysis to inform joined-up and coherent programme plans and strategies and area-based approaches. Strengthened in-country capacity and leadership is central to these aims, both within national governments and across the UN system, and the Network will identify opportunities for appropriate capacity building support. Good practice approaches will be captured and shared at national, regional and global levels.




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