Understanding food crises

The Global Network works to build greater consensus and promote evidence-based food security and nutrition analyses and reporting in order to strengthen the collection, quality and coverage of the food security and nutrition data and analysis, and inform decision-making and action. This is achieved through the contribution to the Global Report on Food Crises, a unique ‘global public good’ under the coordination and leadership of the Food Security Information Network (FSIN), as well as the coordination, synthesis, and publication of technical analyses, including forward-looking analyses of food crises.  

  • Globally, the Global Network coordinates and synthesizes analyses; develop common standards; identify trends to inform global guidance; support the alignment of approaches in preventing and addressing food crises at all levels; ultimately, promote the political uptake of evidence for informed decision. 
  • Regionally, the Global Network helps to drive the standardization of frameworks and the harmonization of methodologies to facilitate a better understanding of the regional drivers of food crises and more anticipatory and effective responses. It works within existing architecture to support the uptake of global analysis to develop more regionally tailored approaches, supporting regional bureaus and institutions to incorporate analysis into decision making and guidance and, in turn, to translate these approaches to a country level. The Global Network also facilitates cross-regional learning and elevate good practice and regional challenges to global level fora.
  • At a national level, the Global Network supports the uptake and use of data and analysis into country level planning processes; help to identify and address data and evidence gaps in programme planning and implementation; and strengthen national capacities for early warning and food security and monitoring systems, working within existing architecture, such as IPC technical working groups and the food security and nutrition clusters. 




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