On 5 May 2021, the Global Network against Food Crises held a high-level virtual event to release the latest figures on how many people are facing acute hunger and malnutrition in crisis prone countries, in a new edition of its annual report, the Global Report on Food Crises. 

The event provided the opportunity to: 

  • Hear from food security and nutrition experts about the latest acute food insecurity findings in countries with food crises; and
  • Hear from high-level and senior panelists on the current measures to address food emergencies and those which should be adopted, how COVID-19 has affected food crises, and the role that resilient agri-food systems play in sustainable solutions to food crises. 

The event benefited from the high-level participation of Global Network’s key partners at executive level and keynote speakers, with the overall facilitation of Dr David Nabarro, Strategic advisor to Food Systems Summit Dialogues. 

Recording of the event

Latest figures of acute hunger and malnutrition


million people experienced acute food insecurity
(IPC/CH Phase 3 or above)


million people were under stressed conditions, at the cusp of acute hunger (IPC/CH Phase 2)


million children suffered from wasting due to acute malnutrition


countries and territories in food crises covered by the report

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