The Fighting Food Crises along the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus Coalition emerged through the United Nations Food Systems Summit, held in September 2021. Against the background of the increase in world hunger since 2015, driven primarily by violent conflict and the impact of climate change, the coalition aims to contribute to ending hunger through pursuing peace and unleashing the potential of sustainable food systems to enhance the prospects for peace. 

The coalition’s efforts are supported by a dedicated Secretariat funded by the European Union and hosted by the Global Network Against Food Crises. 




Co-leads: g7+, FAO, SIPRI, WFP.

Members: TBC

Objective: In line with the Food Systems Summit's focus on national level implementation, pursue opportunities to operationalize country-level collective outcomes supporting sustainable food systems in areas facing food crises.

Focal point: Members interested to engage in this workstream can contact @Abdallah Almomani.


Members: BICC, CGIAR, Concern Worldwide, Cordaid, Czech Republic, FAO, ICG, IFPRI, IGAD, Interpeace, Mothers First, NFP, OECD DAC, SIPRI (chair), UNHABITAT, UNHCR, USAID, and WFP.

Objective: Map and share relevant research, promote a common understanding of gaps, and advocate for these to be addressed through the coalition’s membership and other relevant actors.

Focal point: Members interested to engage in this workstream can contact @Sepideh Soltaninia.

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Members: TBC

Objective: With a focus on the links between climate change, food and nutrition security, and sustainable peace, inform programming, research, policies and investments aimed at mitigating and preventing conflicts and contributing to building sustainable food systems.

Focal point: Members interested to engage in this workstream can contact @Grazia Pacillo.

Co-leads: Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe

Members: TBC

Objective: Leverage the coalition’s broad and unique membership and the momentum generated by the Food Systems Summit to i) advocate for strengthening humanitarian-development-peace nexus approaches to addressing food crises in high-level fora, and ii) bring the perspectives of affected countries and communities to the global conversation in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.

Focal point: Members interested to engage in this workstream can contact @Michael Kühn and @Connell Foley


Co-led by FAO, g7+, SIPRI and WFP, the coalition has wide and unique membership from United Nations organizations, NGOs, civil society and research institutions, as well as member states and regional organizations – including fragile, conflict-affected and donor states. Any interested entity with expertise in related topics, capacity to influence and/or undertake operational or research activities, and a willingness and ability to contribute to the coalition’s efforts is welcome to join. Members can join and contribute to workstreams on particular topics on a voluntary basis. 

Current Members

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