Round Table Policy Dialogue “Addressing global acute food insecurity and famine risk: What more can policy makers in New York do?”
Summary note | Outcomes and solutions

24/06/2022 -

Hosted by the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in New York and the Global Network Against Food Crises with special guest Mr. David Nabarro of the Global Crisis Response Group, more than fifty delegates from the permanent mission in New York participated in the Round Table Policy Dialogue on 13 June 2022 to consider the next policy actions required to address global acute food insecurity and the emerging risk of famine. Facilitated by EU Deputy Permanent Representative Mr. Silvio Gonzato, the meeting sought to develop and promote solutions to effectively address the continuing increase in global acute food insecurity. 

This policy roundtable is part of a series of policy discussions promoted and facilitated by the Global Network's partners to consider the latest evidence and inform food security related policy actions in order to tackle food crises. 

Global Network Against Food Crises

Hunger Hotspots - FAO-WFP early warnings on acute food insecurity │June to September 2022 outlook

06/06/2022 -

The 6th edition of the Hunger Hotspots report provides the results of a joint FAO-WFP early warning analysis of acute food insecurity hotspots, highlighting countries that are at risk of significant food security deterioration for the outlook period June to September 2022. According to the report, acute food insecurity is likely to deteriorate further in 20 countries or situations (including two regional clusters) – called hunger hotspots – during the outlook period from June to September 2022. In six of these – Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen – humanitarian action is critical to prevent starvation and death. Moreover, an all-time high of up to 49 million people in 46 countries could be at risk of falling into famine or famine-like conditions, unless they receive immediate life and livelihoods-saving assistance. This includes 750 000 people already in Catastrophe (IPC/CH Phase 5).


2022 Global Report on Food Crises

04/05/2022 -

Globally, levels of hunger remain alarmingly high. In 2021, close to 193 million people were acutely food insecure and in need of urgent assistance across 53 countries/territories, according to the findings of the 2022 Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC 2022). This represents an increase of nearly 40 million people compared to the previous high reached in 2020 (reported in the GRFC 2021).The six edition of the Global Report on Food Crises is the product of a concerted effort among numerous members of the international humanitarian and development community to share data, analysis and global food security expertise.

Food Security Information Network (FSIN)

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